Dr. Kristin Reynolds is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Psychological Association of Manitoba. She has expertise in Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology, working within areas of assessment, individual and group-based interventions, and research with adults and older adults.

Dr. Reynolds is the Director of the Perinatal Mental Health Clinic at the Psychological Services Centre, providing group-based treatment to people who are pregnant and within 12 months following the birth of their baby (Overcoming Anxiety in the Pregnancy and Postpartum Period, Furer & Reynolds, 2015).

For more information on the Psychological Services Centre, please contact 204-474-9222 or click here to visit the website.

Through a collaborative initiative with A & O Support Services for Older Adults, funded by Research Manitoba, Dr. Reynolds and co-investigators from the University of Manitoba and Brandon University have developed The CONNECT Program – a telephone-based 6-session group program for adults ages 65+ experiencing loneliness, social isolation, and co-occurring mental health problems (i.e., anxiety and depression). Please contact us with more information about the CONNECT Program.