Lily Pankratz

Lab Manager; Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, 1st Year

Lily’s research interests include mental health service use, trauma, and aging. Lily is involved in several projects in the lab including perinatal health service use and moral injury in long-term care workers during COVID-19.

Stephanie Dudok

Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology, 3rd Year

Stephanie’s research interests include mental health literacy, knowledge translation, and exercise-adjuncts in psychological treatment. Stephanie’s dissertation examines systemic influences that may help or hinder delivery of effective mental health and substance use services.

Dylan Davidson

Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology, 2nd Year

Dylan’s research interests include improving public mental health literacy and psychotherapy outcomes. Dylan’s dissertation is focused on the development of an Internet resource for educating parents about child mental health problems and treatment.

Jordana Sommer

Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology, 2nd Year

Jordana’s research interests include psychological correlates of adverse health events, and comorbidity between anxiety and trauma-related disorders with physical health conditions. Jordana’s dissertation examines preoperative distress among cancer surgery patients, and evaluates a preoperative virtual reality intervention. Jordana is currently on internship.

Sharon Chou

Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology, 1st Year

Sharon’s research interests include perinatal mental health, trauma, and intervention development and evaluation. Her doctoral dissertation is focused on virtual group-based intervention development for perinatal (pregnancy to 12 months postpartum) women with histories of trauma. Her clinical areas of interest include anxiety-related disorders and trauma-related disorders.

Teaghan Pryor

Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, 2nd Year

Teaghan’s research interests include knowledge translation and mental health information evaluation. Teaghan’s thesis evaluates an online Late-Life Depression Decision Aid created by our lab in a randomized controlled trial.

Shayna Pierce

Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, 2nd Year

Shayna’s previous work has focused on the information needs of women in the perinatal period. She is interested in researching the unmet mental health support needs of women experiencing various health concerns in the perinatal period, including perinatal mental health concerns, prior traumatic birth experiences, infertility, and endometriosis. Shayna’s long-term goal in the Clinical Psychology Program is to use her research to inform the development of medical practice guidelines for women accessing health services during the perinatal period. When not doing school-related activities, Shayna enjoys spending time travelling, hiking, or camping with friends.

Inga Christianson

Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, 2nd Year

Inga’s research interests including mental health literacy and aging. She try to live my life with curiosity. From a young age, her parents and older brother always challenged her to consider the perspectives of those around her and to be open-minded when solving problems. This curious mindset has been helpful in her studies and research thus far. In Inga’s free time, she enjoys trying local restaurants and exercising!

Kaeley Simpson

Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, 1st Year

Kaeley’s research interests include family well-being and understanding how to support the mental health and service needs of parents and their children. She is particularly interested in mental health program design and evaluation.

Georgia Gopinath

M.A. Student, Clinical Psychology, 1st Year

Georgia’s research interests include aging, mental health, and mental health service use. Her thesis will be related to the expansion of the CONNECT program, a telephone-based psychotherapy program for adults aged 65+.

Kira Kudar, Ph.D.

Research Coordinator

Light Uchechukwu

Research Assistant

Light recently finished her Honour thesis, looking at prenatal anxiety and how participants perceived a self-directed perinatal anxiety intervention program.

Jake Ledochowski

Research Assistant

Keirsten Plante

Research Assistant